dr holmes
dr. holmes is a music producer and artist from Boston, MA, USA. His production sound combines the influence of golden era 90's hip-hop grime with industrial, cinematic, and electronic themes. His influences include DJ Premier, The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and The Bomb Squad. dr. holmes' beats were featured in the award-winning documentary film "The Hip-Hop Project". He also hosts and produces "The Dr. Holmes Hip-Hop Show" for temporalfusion.com. This commercial-free underground hip-hop podcast focuses on many types of hip-hop from varying time periods, including old school, golden era, and new releases.
dr. holmes has produced tracks for many notable hip-hop artists, including Wu-Tang Clan and Theodore Unit member Solomon Childs, Marq Spekt of the Broady Champs, BreezEvahflowin', K-The-I???, and Cyrus Malachi. In 2011 dr. holmes and fellow producer Xunfusion released their first compilation album "33°", a subversive and introspective dark narrative told in between a diverse selection of grimy hip-hop tracks. He also produced Jive Cuttah's debut album "The Helekwom" with producer Rev. Al, and also contributed production for Cuttah's follow-up effort, "Skorpion". In addition to his work with hip-hop production, dr. holmes can create beats for any type of musical project, as well as provide custom sounds, music and voice-over for films, commercials, online videos, and websites.
dr. holmes' artwork focuses on the areas of drawing, painting, and photography. His artistic style is heavily influenced by graffiti art, cartoon and comic book art, and urban culture in the U.S. and abroad. As with his music production, dr. holmes' art shows an appreciation for complexity, the unusual, and the dark aspects of urban landscapes and hip-hop culture. dr. holmes is also head writer and editor at candidhammer.com, a blog featuring political commentary, current events, music, humor, and satire. You are welcome to contact dr. holmes at drholmes@drholmes33.com with any questions, comments, ideas...